Protest im 1984...

Farmworkers protest in El Paso, August 1984.

Sin Fronteras Organizing Project is one of the most important and active farmworkers' effort in the United States-México border. This organizing effort is part of a growing farm labor movement. Born of decades of neglect and poverty in the fields of America, this movement is a response to the need for social change. When this goal is accomplished, farmworkers will then be able to live with dignity and peace.

Principles and Objectives

Sin Fronteras Organizing Project, a non-profit organization properly incorporated in the State of Texas on February 1993, was founded to fight against the injustices and inequalities faced by the farmworker community of West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

The following principles adopted at the founding meeting guide our organization and our work:

That workers, regardless of their legal status in this country, have the right to advance their economic, social and political status through vigorous advocacy of fundamental rights,

That in all levels of our work, we must strive to engage both women and men,

and that efforts to bring about change at the local level must be controlled by the people at the local level.

These principles dictate our course of action. Our course of action is to work towards the achievement of both, long and short term goals:

To satisfy the immediate needs of the agricultural workers and their families, and

To organize the workers in committees that will bring changes to the agricultural system and to the public and private institutions that presently condone exploitation and poverty.

Our name, Sin Fronteras, Without Borders, not only expresses our philosophy, but also describes the extent of our activities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Sin Fronteras is composed by seven members; six are farmworkers and one is a professional and civic leader. The Board of directors supervise the director , evaluate the work of Sin Fronteras and approve the budget and the policies of the organization.

Antonino Balderas
Antonio González, secretary/treasurer
Guadalupe Ramírez
Cosme Rappa-Gudiño, chair
José Zedillo
Amelia Torres
Carlos Gómez

Regional Work

The organizing and educational work of Sin Fronteras takes place in the border region integrated by Southern New Mexico, far West Texas and Northern Chihuahua.

In this region of three states and two nations, about 14,000 farm laborers live and work.

El Paso, the largest North American city of this region, is the most important recruitment place for agricultural workers along the border. It also serves as the base for these workers, and many more who use this border, to cross into the diverse agricultural regions of the nation.

Our most important accomplishment in over ten years of struggle is our center, the Centro de los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos.

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