The Rural Coalition.

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The Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural is an alliance of over 90 culturally diverse community based groups in the United States and Mexico who collaborate to advance social justice and sustainable development in rural areas.

Since 1978, leaders of poor communities and communities of color--including farmworker groups, indigenous communities in the US and Mexico, minority, indigenous and limited resource farmer organizations, cooperatives, and grassroots groups in poor communities in Appalachia and elsewhere -- have banded together to confront structural injustices in policies, programs and delivery of government services; share skills, encouragement and strategies; seek and leverage resources to support their organizations and their work; make government entities more responsive; and support one another in local and global struggles.

For more information about the Rural Coalition and how to join, please contact our national office:

Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural
1411 K Street NW, Suite 901
Washington, DC 20005
202-628-7160, fax 202-628-7165

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