A History of American Ingratitude

Old farmworker.

An elder farmworker is denied Social Security benefits as a result of Welfare Reform and new changes to Immigration Laws.


by Enrique Lomas

The definition of the word ingratitude in the different Spanish dictionaries is the same and its meaning is: "showing no gratitude, poor return for kindness received, thankless..." Ingratitude in the English language has the same meaning but with one additional word: cruel. The concept of ingratitude is disgusting, cruel and unacceptable in human life. The ungrateful son is always consider somebody who can be redeem. The descendent's ungrateful is not acceptable as something natural and pleasant. Consequently, we always demand a quick and proper correction to this behavior.

For countries which have won the many wars that the "civilian" man has created, a thanks for the soldiers is more than an obligation. The USA's war veteran received benefits and all kinds of honors (never near what they deserved) because of their sacrifice duty during these conflicts. The war's dead received a permanent honor by the U.S government by having their names engraved in great murals. These murals are located in big and important cities throughout the U.S. and available for people to view.

Little by little, the community is learning about the agricultural workers' poor working conditions in the most prosperous country in the world, where job security is null, the risk involved in the long work day and their low salaries which are not enough to live on. The domestic and labor workers see themselves in the survivor scale of life without any sight of a better living style in the future for them and their families. For these workers there is still a long way to walk to receive what they already deserve.

Today, a new blow has been dealt against millions of workers who have been here in this country almost their entire life. The government in this country has agreed to cut off almost everything in social benefits, something that in the Great Depression the poor workers, the handicapped, children and elderly people received and needed from the state. The most affected from this situation, without any doubt, are the ones that came from México and other Latin countries. These people did not think of changing their nationality and stayed with their resident status. These people are expecting a lot of cuts from their already poor budgets. Others will receive a decrease in the only source of assistance they have to survive. That is the ingratitude way the government pays these hard laborers who work with their hands and pay their taxes for the welfare of this country.

The Welfare Reform will force 2.6 million people more into poverty. 11 million of children will be in poverty thanks to this reform. One of each five American families will be greatly affected and 350 thousands families will be out of the food stamps program. At the end, 8.7 million poor people will be in the lowest level of poverty.

It seems that we are talking about a third or fourth world level country but it is not like that. We are talking about the country with the highest living standards of well-being in the world, the country that has developed a successful and plentiful economy, the country that has gone to other countries to invest huge amounts of dollars and to know other worlds. We are talking about the leader country, the "indispensable country" how William Clinton once said. Now has decided to stay in the contradiction of being rich and the attempt against the welfare of the poor.

In this site, we will inform you of people that have contributed significant things to the progression of this country, mainly from Mexican origin. For this moment we will like you to know about our disagreement for the ingratitude that this government is paying to the people that worked hard to the success and prosperous of this country by inhumanly cutting the Social Benefits without seeing their well being.

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