Black America is still experiencing a devastating erosion of its greatest economic assent... land. From a high of 15 million acres in the early 1900's, Blacks now own less that 3 million acres of land, the overwhelming majority of which is located in the southeast. If the current rate of land loss continues, Black America will enter the twenty-first century as a landless people...

Black farmers.


Carol Prejean Zippert

I dream community
I dream people
I dream birth and life
and birth and life
I dream community
I dream gifts,
resources and commitments
I dream sharing,
serving and sacrifice
I dream community
I dream risk,
growth and joy
I dream struggle,
hope and justice
I dream community
I dream peace
I dream community
I dream love
and celebration
I dream community
I dream unity
I dream
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund (FSC/LAF) is a service, resource and advocacy association for a constituency of 25,000 low income families organized into over 100 cooperatives in rural communities across the South. The membership is primarily African-American but also includes White, Chicano and Native American members. An outgrowth of the Civil Rights Movement, the Federation was chartered in 1967 by 22 low-income cooperatives to help African Americans and poor people to produce a liveable income and save their way of life.

Goals and objectives

1. Organization and development of cooperatives and credit unions as a self-help community development strategy for FSC/LAF members.

2. Preservation, retention and sustainable development of the remaining land base owned by Black farmers in the South.

3. Advocacy for public policy changes to assist family farmers and rural poor people to improve their lives and communities.

4. Maintenance and support for the training and education programs of the FSC/LAF Rural Training and Research Center at Epes, Alabama.

5. Increasing housing opportunities for low-income rural people including more use of renewable energy sources and support for environmental justice.

6. Insuring the survival, stability and sustainability of the FSC/LAF, to better serve the membership.

(Information from FSC/LAF 28th Annual Report)

For more information please contact:

John Zippert
Director of Program Operations
Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund
P.O. Box 95
Epes, AL 35460
(205) 652-9676

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